Featured Artists

  • Featured Artist: Kiki Aranita
    Kiki Aranita is a fiber artist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With a scholarly background in Classical Literature and Comparative Literature and a previous career teaching Greek mythology and Ancient Greek language, she can’t help but see the world through the lenses of myth, often malleable at the hands of many ancient authors. As a classicist, […]
  • Featured Artist: Cameron Scott
    Cameron is a sculptor from Scotland, carving in wood, creating relief, wall mounted stories around his life. His work draws from the places he’s been – Kintore, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (his home village), his time in Italy, his recent move to South West England; memories of his childhood, looking out the bedroom window in a small […]
  • Featured Artist: Hannah Kerin
    New York based artist, Hannah Kerin, has been honing her skills in the MFA program at LIU Post for the past two years. Hannah focuses on printmaking, specifically screen print, oil painting, and digital art.  Hannah’s development in the MFA program allowed her to create a body of work of work titled, Ending, which advocates […]
  • Featured Artist: Sarah Tan
    Sarah Tan is a Phoenix based artist educator and deviser born and raised in Singapore. She has a B.A. in Theatre Arts and concentration in Education Studies from Carleton College, an MFA in Theatre for Youth and Community from Arizona State University, and is a certified Trauma Support Specialist. Her background is in modern dance, […]
  • Featured Artist: Lisa Foster
    Lisa Foster’s “Historical Figures” series was inspired by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Like many, she had long been inspired by Justice Ginsburg’s persona and accomplishments. Lisa found the images of flowers, gifts and cards laid by mourners outside the Supreme Court, moving and beautiful. This collection of items created a kind of portrait of […]
  • Featured Artist: Jane Yuan
    Jane Yuan received her MFA from San Francisco Art Institute in August 2020. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and majored in French at Cornell University. She specializes in art about Japanese and Chinese culture and myth. Her interests in language and literature come through in the themes and inspirations of her […]
  • Featured Artist: Naomi Martinez
    Naomi Martinez is an artist from the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. She was first exposed to the art of painting and hand-craft as a teenager through Chicago ’s Marwen Foundation and the Gallery 37 Apprentice Artist program. She then attended Columbia College where she studied Advertising, Art & Design. Her work has exhibited […]
  • Featured Artist: Matthew Laurence
    When acquaintances and students ask Matthew Laurence how he ended up in the field of Art, his response is with one word: ‘glue’. It stems from his father’s occupation as a purchasing agent to an adhesive company. At the start to each year in elementary school, Matthew’s father would send him to school with a […]
  • Featured Artist: Laura Ann Colussi
    Laura Ann Colussi is a mother, artist and teacher who is always making things.  Her work is process based and focuses on the intersection of childhood joy and finding one’s place in the world without losing that joy.  She graduated from Saint Joseph’s University with a BA in Fine Art where she studied photography and […]
  • Featured Artist: Amanda Nadig
    Amanda Nadig has been teaching for 21 years in Chicago public schools, but has gotten serious about her art-making in the last year. She currently has a solo show at Ampersand in Logan Square in Chicago and is included in a group textile show at the Portrait Society Gallery in Milwaukee. “While listening to your […]

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