Featured Artist: Carol Radsprecher

Carol Radsprecher’s images combine figurative and abstract elements. She was born in Brooklyn, NY, and will live there until she dies. She earned her MFA in painting in 1988 from Hunter College, CUNY. A longtime painter, she discovered the wonders of digital image-making and found that media well-suited to her need to make a succession of rapidly-evolving narrative images based on distorted representations of the human body, especially the female body. Her work has appeared in several solo shows and numerous group shows and has been published in print and/or online publications. Her website is www.carolradsprecher.com.



Artist Statement:

Distortion of the human figure is a key element in my work. These distorted representations of the figure interact with abstract areas. Most of the figures are representations of the female figure — that first landscape we see as we enter the world. My images are obliquely autobiographical and narrative; each image is one of a series.

Another Mask

Baby Climb