Featured Artist: Isaiah Salamanca (AkA NOTICE)

Isaiah Salamanca, also known as “Notice,” is a 23 year old artist from Seattle, Washington. His recent works are inspired by the two most important women in his life, who were both diagnosed with cancer in Oct. 2020. His mother was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer (now stage 4), and his grandmother with stage 1 breast cancer. While answering by his given name, he chooses the alias, Notice, in the art world as a “thank you for noticing” note to those who view his works. 

Noticing his work can take strength to delve deep into ourselves and address vulnerability. He represents things he has noticed in his life that are often unseen or actively avoided, but chooses to use mediums that are commonly seen or accessible. 

Inspired by abstract expressionism and street art, he seeks to offer reminders to us that we will not be alone in taking the time to notice mental health, chronic illness, substance abuse, and homelessness. Noticing his work can be a step taken to becoming part of a community that is aware of issues that are easily neglected. 

Notice is making and selling his handmade art and stickers via his website, timetonotice.com


Artist’s Statement: 

My current works often involve street signs, correctional fluid, and permanent markers to express accessibility. These resources are seen or available to each of us, and exemplify that the themes expressed are within this same close proximity to us.