Featured Artist: Hannah Kerin

New York based artist, Hannah Kerin, has been honing her skills in the MFA program at LIU Post for the past two years. Hannah focuses on printmaking, specifically screen print, oil painting, and digital art. 

Hannah’s development in the MFA program allowed her to create a body of work of work titled, Ending, which advocates for animals on the Endangered Species List. In the past, Hannah has created political based artwork as well as dog portraits and flower series.  Hannah hopes her artwork shows who she is as a person and advocates for those who do not have a voice. 

Hannah’s bachelor’s degree is in environmental sciences and she has studied the current environmental catastrophe.

She says, “I aspire to help the Earth be sustainable for future generations. I desire to bring awareness to animals on the endangered species list, animals that are on the brink of extinction.” She uses screen-prints and oil painting to create inspirational work focused on these animals. Hannah says  “I hope to enlighten and encourage others to make a difference, to make a change. The purpose of my art is to inspire action, in order to help the animals from becoming extinct such as my giraffe, elephant, and giant panda series. I like to show the truth, the beauty, and the grotesque.  My work is not just a pretty painting or print, but a tool to enlighten others and save the world.” 


@hannahkerinart on Instagram