Featured Artist: Clara Bolle

Clara Bolle (b. 1985, Amsterdam) studied philosophy and cultural studies (with honours). In addition to creating, she occasionally holds lectures and talks about philosophy of art, cultural critique, and art history for cultural institutions and universities.

She is the founder of parrhesiastes.blog. Visit clarabollestudycoach.com for Clara’s study coaching business.


@clarabolle on Instagram

Daphne 2, acrylic on paper, 100x70cm, 2019

Artist Statement:

As a philosopher I view my writings and art as tools to do research. My main question in relation to thinking and making is: What does it mean to be your body instead of having a body? My aim is to think of bodies in a non-medical, anti-capitalist way and look for other ways to experience our bodies. I draw my inspiration from great philosophers, writers and artists. A major inspiration for me is Metamorphoses by Ovid concerning the change of bodies, especially the figure of Daphne who changed into a laurel tree to escape violation. There’s also a strong social interactive dimension in my work, in the sense that I like to work with others to give them a voice of their own.

Metamorphine 3, acrylic on paper, 100x70cm, 2019
Metamorphine 6, acrylic on paper, 100x70cm, 2019
Metamorphine, oil pastel on paper, 65x50cm, 2019
Metamorphine, acrylic on paper, 100x70cm, 2019