Episode 1: Hilary L Hahn: Carving Out the Career You Want

It was such a pleasure to talk with Hilary L. Hahn in her beautiful home! Hilary has worked as a teaching artist for over 15 years. She shares how she began teaching and how she has shifted her career over the years. While continuing to teach at elementary schools, Hilary has been hosting workshops and private lessons, collaborating with stores and companies, and creating a niche for herself in Los Angeles. She is now offering an online course for creatives to share what she has learned about creating and promoting workshops. We dig into time management and just how she does it all while also mothering and making time for her own creative practice. Hilary also talks about her experience with set design, mural painting, watercolor, and how her practice has evolved. She now focuses primarily on fiber arts and natural dyes.

the indigo dye process

Hilary L Hahn is a California textile artist and educator. She serves a community of creatives, craftsmen, and artists, who wish to deepen their knowledge of various fine crafts emphasizing textiles through writing, workshops, and e-courses.

She creates modern textile designs inspired by natural dye processes, indigo, and interior design.

This scarf was created using organic cotton, natural botanical extracts of fustic (yellow/gold) and overdye with indigo (blue). T-shirt is long sleeve organic cotton with indigo spiral. (Necklace by Alicia Garrett)


materials for a Shibori workshop
preparing to dye
Organic cotton hand-dyed and botanically printed using eucalyptus, logwood, madder root, quebracho extract, and Brazilwood.
Results of a natural dye workshop
Marigold and indigo hand held bags, hand-dyed and embroidered. Bottom featuring sashiko embroidery by Lori Zimmerman.
pale pink and rust silk Shibori pillow and sandy spotted batik pillow