Episode 0: Trailer

Join teaching artist Rebecca Potts as she talks with artists who teach kids about teaching art, making art, and all things in between. This podcast was born out of a desire to highlight artists who teach at the pre-K-12 level while maintaining their own studio practice. It dives into how making and looking inform teaching and how teaching informs making. We discuss the nitty gritty details of time management, classroom management, and studio management. What does a day or a week look like for a teaching artist? How does a full-time art teacher fit in their own art-making? How did that one student change your art practice? How do you share your life as an artist with students?

Each episode will feature an interview with an artist who teaches kids. Some are certified public school art teachers, others are teaching artists working in schools, some work in museum education, others run their own classes and studios. Some are well known artists with gallery representation, others are just carving out time for art. 

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