Episode 2: Morgan Auten Smith: The Hustle and Experimentation

I had such a meaningful talk with Morgan Auten Smith! I felt like we were sort of peeling back an onion and just kept finding more little commonalities and points of connection. Yet so many of her super personal struggles and pieces of advice resonate widely. I hope listeners feel that connection, too. 

Morgan’s openness in sharing her motherhood experience made such an impact on me. I was floored and wanted to just soak in her strength. I, like her, don’t share a lot of pictures or info about my kid, but I related deeply to her experience of giving birth abroad and going through a tricky pregnancy in a foreign language.  

I also loved how she talked about the hustle and not being afraid to just ask for what you want. But then shifting to give yourself time to experiment and explore in your work. Such valuable advice! Thank you, Morgan!!

Morgan Auten Smith

Morgan is an abstract painter living in northeast Georgia. Her work is an exploration of the intersection of individuality and motherhood. She is also an elementary art teacher, a wife, and a mother to twin three year olds. In addition to Georgia, Morgan has also lived in Germany, an experience that greatly shaped her as an artist. 

“I Notice When You’re Noticing Me,” 20 x 20, Acrylic and Charcoal on Canvas

If you’re in the Gainesville, Georgia area, check out her solo show at Inman Perk.  


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“Fire and A Flood” 48 x 36, Acrylic and Pastel on Canvas
“Interpersonal 4,” 11 x 11, Acrylic and Pastel on Paper, Mounted on Canvas
“Little Pieces,” 8 x 8 each, Mixed Media
“Little Pieces 2,” 8 x 8, Mixed Media