Episode 79: Cynthia Hauk: Mindfulness & Art

Cynthia Hauk shared her experience teaching mindful art workshops, including trainings for teachers and parents around bringing these practices into our teaching. I was so grateful that she also shared a specific exercise that can be done with no materials or extended to create incredible works of art. We talked about somatic work and what that means, as well as overcoming the shame story many of us have around creativity. Cynthia also shared some of her favorite books, linked below. She talked about fitting in art-making while juggling so many other parts of life, including true self care. I loved the imagery of filling your cup in order for it to overflow and pour out into the world.

Cynthia Hauk is an Interdisciplinary Artist and Mindful Art Teacher Trainer. Cynthia teaches calming Mindfulness and Art Workshops and Teacher Trainings. Currently, her online offerings have reached students globally in 45 countries. Her Mindful Art for Kids Teacher Training (and Group Coaching Program) empowers artists, parents, and teachers with tools to teach calming Mindful Art activities to children (aged approximately 3-12 yrs old). You can access free resources and learn more on her website at mindfulcreativemuse.com.


EPSON scanner image


Cynthia Hauk’s body of work titled, “Il progetto di graffito” (translated from italian meaning: “The Graffiti Project”) incorporates unique and complex layers of abstract and fragmented imagery, as she explores the ephemeral and beauty found in decay. Her work investigates contemporary issues such as modern ruins, graffiti, urban decay, and dystopian American societies. In this series, Cynthia appropriates imagery of graffiti (and through her Polaroid Emulsion Transfer process) manipulates the imagery further by melting and damaging the film causing cracks, breaks, and accelerated erosion interwoven with the original imagery. She deliberately provokes the creation of additional layers of decay in her work; highlighting the transitory life of man-made marks and spaces.

Although Cynthia has experimented with many different art media ranging from illustration to sculpture, her passion resides with mixed media (i.e., abstract oil and acrylic painting, watercolor and ink drawing, gel and Polaroid emulsion transfers, and digital photography). She has exhibited her work throughout the United States (i.e., Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Ohio and Washington), as well as internationally while studying abroad in Florence, Italy for a one year post-baccalaureate program in Studio Arts before earning her Master of Fine Arts from Lesley University College of Art and Design.