Episode 78: Mary Beth Flynn: Artfully Aging

Mary Beth Flynn shared her experience growing both her house portrait business and her art education business. She talked about being a lifelong artist and a lifelong entrepreneur and it was amazing to hear how she really embodies both. I also loved hearing about the therapeutic aspects of the work she’s doing through her Artfully Aging programs. She ties in storytelling and song to add an oral component to her watercolor projects. 

We can probably all relate to the necessarily fast learning curve with technology during this pandemic. Mary Beth revamped her website, but also shifted her business model and created over 20 projects with training videos and shipped kits. She talked about being daunted at first, taking time to just organize and take stock, but then seeing the potential of moving beyond her geographic area. It’s so inspiring to see how she has grown her businesses and continues to adapt.

Mary Beth Flynn received a degree in Human and Environmental Sciences from the University of Missouri in 1981. For many years, while raising children, she worked as a commercial designer and a professional watercolor house portrait artist.

Artfully Aging was founded in 2009. It was through having an extensive art background, experience working with seniors and a desire to contribute to society that Mary Beth’s vision for Artfully Aging emerged. While serving the St. Louis senior community for over a decade Artfully Aging brought watercolor art programming to over 45 senior living communities. In the face of the 2020 pandemic Artfully Aging discovered that it not only had to pivot but also had to automate in order to continue serving the senior care community. In early 2021 Artfully Aging launched its’ new business model ready to serve seniors everywhere.