Teaching the truth

Lawmakers in several states are working on legislation that will restrict Critical Race Theory and antiracist curriculum and instruction, requiring teachers to lie to students about the role of racism, sexism, and oppression throughout U.S. history.

Paula Liz of Anti-Racist Art Teachers has compiled a very helpful document that includes summaries of these bills, their status, and links to petitions and other actions. Click through to the document and let your voice be heard!


Other Resources:

Anti-Racist Art Teachers are facilitating a working group to push back against this legislation. If you would like to help, please join the ABAR Education Action Group on Facebook or email antiracistartteachers@gmail.com.

A Unified Message:

“Anti-bias and anti-racist pedagogy are about truth-telling to ensure our country does not repeat or perpetuate the mistakes of our past. The truth can be uncomfortable at times, but it is necessary to achieve the mission of our democracy and the pursuit of justice. In the hands of highly skilled educators, the truth can be transformative and help shape future outcomes for the betterment of all people…  We urge school leaders at all levels to stand firm against hate, commit to truthful education and vigorously resist efforts to maintain the status quo.”

Learning for Justice Director Jalaya Liles Dunn