Episode 65: Ondrea Levey: Symbols & Self Love

Ondrea talked about the “wild juggling game” of teaching and making art and staying active in her communities. She shared some wonderful books and resources, especially around a topic she’s been focusing on lately: self love. We talked about assessment in the art classroom and questioned how to encourage students rather than add pressure to their lives. I loved hearing how the pandemic has helped her shift more away from medium-specific work both in her own work and in teaching. She talked about helping students translate their thoughts in whatever form makes sense to them. We also talked about struggling to facilitate courageous conversations about social justice and she shared some framing and tips that have helped her create dialogue among students. 

Ondrea “Bell” Levey is a visual artist living between Tucson, Arizona and Portland, Oregon.  She received her BFA in Art Education at the University of Arizona. Tenderness and storytelling inform her work. Ondrea teaches high school in Tucson, as well as adult workshops, with emphasis on identity, play, and practice development. Currently, she is pursuing her MFA in Visual Studies at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. Her work has been featured at Tiny Town Gallery, Jewish History Museum, Subspace, and Chick Magnet.To follow her most current work, subscribe to her Patreon and receive handwritten love letters, playlists, stickers, and workshops. 





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