Episode 97: Cbabi Bayoc: Trusting Yourself

Cbabi talked about his journey as an artist and how he continues to grow both his practice and his business. He shared his creative process and the ways he overcomes challenges while creating. He also talked about painting murals in schools and how he becomes a role model for students, making his thinking visible and encouraging the use of mistakes as learning opportunities. It was so helpful hearing how he adjusts pricing and also has to work to overcome money mindsets – that made me feel less alone in this struggle!

Artist Cbabi Bayoc in his St. Louis studio.

Cbabi (pronounced Kuh-bob-bi) Bayoc is an internationally renowned St. Louis visual artist and illustrator who is highly sought-after for his murals and illustrations by diverse clientele such as schools, corporations, non-profits, hospitals, churches, actors, athletes, and musicians seeking images depicting the vibrancy and beauty of diversity whether digitally or by acrylic on a wall, canvas, metal, wood, and even stained glass or digitally.

Perhaps Cbabi’s name and evolution as an artist are best embodied in his 365 Days with Dad series—his 2012 New Year’s resolution to paint a positive image of Black fatherhood each day for the entire year. This project was quintessential in starting a dialogue within the community about the importance of a strong foundation and support system for all children, no matter the age. Today, this series continues to evolve, revealing the complexities of Black masculinity through Cbabi’s 52 Fridays of Fatherhood and his commitment to grow art collecting amongst Black families through weekly giveaways of original art pieces.

Most recently Cbabi completed illustrations for Dr. Ibram X. Kendi’s children’s book, Good Night Racism, which was released June 14, 2022.