Episode 84: Ana Guzmán: Reframing ELL

Ana talked about her experience as an English Language Learner and reframing that term to Emergent Bilingual as she now works to help students who are learning a second language. She shared some strategies art educators can use in reaching and teaching emergent bilingual students as well as advocating with administration and higher level bureaucrats.

I loved hearing about her art journaling and how she’s taking time to reflect as part of her own art-making practice. That ebb and flow in life is so REAL and so important to talk about. We can’t do everything all the time, as much as we may want to. Ana has created a wonderful padlet where she curates resources for connecting art and English learning. She also shared several scholars from whom she’s learned, which are linked below.

Ana Guzmán was born and raised in Los Angeles. She is first-generation Salvadorian and an Angeleno. Growing up, Ana, always found the Arts to be a form of self-expression and therapeutic. Her favorite art medium is graphite and enjoys creating still-life and life drawings. In college, Ana wanted to pursue 2D animation but discovered an affinity for teaching. She received her B.A. in Art Education from California State University, Los Angeles. She holds a single-subject credential in Art and recently completed her Masters’ in TESOL from Pepperdine University.

Ana currently aspires to create and find resources to support teachers in combining art techniques and strategies for teaching English as a Second Language and help build students’ critical thinking skills. Visit www.tesolscholar.com to see Ana’s research and some of her projects. If you are interested in networking or collaborating email her at tesolscholar@gmail.com


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