Episode 83: Amanda Gorman: Finding Your Village

Amanda is a childbirth educator who uses the Birthing From Within methodologies. She talked about incorporating art-making as part of the preparation for birth and shared her own experience of moving from a “not creative” person to wholeheartedly believing in the power of art. She shared her process for building trust and working with students who don’t have art experience as well as the reasons art-making is included in a birthing course. We also talked a bit about the racial inequities around childbirth and Amanda shared some wonderful links, including episode 16 of her own podcast, Finding Your Village, in which Cachet Prescott shares her birth experience as a Black woman. 

Amanda Gorman is a wife, mother of two, the host of the Finding Your Village podcast and a certified Birthing From Within childbirth educator. In addition to her family, Amanda is passionate about: writing, speaking, addiction and trauma recovery, music, social justice, and birth work. Her podcast focuses on birth, postpartum and parent mental health. She teaches online childbirth classes that not only inform parents about the physiological aspects of birth, but also train parents to build a toolkit to cope with pain, become confident facing the unknown and find their parenting village.