Episode 50: Gregory Quick: Creative Problem Solving

I loved how Greg talked about art being all about solving problems and how that was what excited him about being an artist. He shared how he sets parameters in the classroom and encourages students to solve problems in their own unique ways. 

It was also so refreshing and helpful to hear how he focuses on the positive in his work and allows himself to step away and take breaks when things aren’t working in the studio. It felt like permission to not push so hard, which is sometimes really needed. 

We talked a little bit about cryptoart and I couldn’t remember at the time of our conversation, but Candido Crespo was the artist who introduced me to cryptoart. Thanks Candido!

I’m excited about the podcast Greg’s developing and will keep an eye out to share that when it launches. 

Gregory Quick was born in Indianapolis, IN and raised in Greenville, MS. He earned his degree in Art with a minor in Graphic Design at the University of Southern Mississippi. He currently works as an art teacher in Shreveport, LA, teaching Kindergarten, 5th and 7th grade students.

Excerpt of Artist Statement:

I create art as an interpretation of the world around me. I paint the things that reflect who I am. Those things bring me passion. I paint authentically according to the way I see things. I want to be an inspiration for those children who look like me. I want them to know that they can be creative. I want them to embrace their individuality.

Creative Freedom, acrylic, 24×24″, 2020


The Mind of A Creator, acrylic, 16×20″, 2020
MINE!!!, acrylic, 24×36″, 2020
Gladiolus, ceramic, 6x3x9″, 2016
Psycho, ceramic, 2016