Episode 42: Katie Bradford Osborne: Leap and You’ll Find Wings

Katie offered so much wonderful advice and great tips for artists! I was taking notes to implement in my own art practice. It was so helpful to chat with a curator and gallerist who is so giving and cares so deeply about supporting artists. 

I also loved hearing about her artwork and how she balances the more structured, planned out business side of her personality with the intuitive nature of her work. She talked about her sacred studio time and listening to the materials as they speak to her. Do you feel that?

Katie Bradford Osborne is an artist, mother, creative brand consultant, teacher, curator, gallerist, and, more than anything, a woman on a mission to empower other women!

Katie with her daughter at “Women of Heart” her first pop-up gallery on November 2, 2011

Before Covid 19 shut everything down, Katie was a homeschool art teacher in Houston, Texas, a job that started out with filling a niche and quickly became a passion! Although it could be argued that having to quit her art classes was what allowed Katie to follow her big dream in 2020, opening Roaring Artist Gallery, a virtual art gallery supporting and showcasing womxn-identifying artists, as a close friend said, “I just can’t imagine Katie doing anything that doesn’t involve some kind of sharing of knowledge.” Focus has just shifted from homeschool kids back to emerging women artists!

Katie with her daughter, Ana Gray, at the last pop-up art show she did for the kids in her class in December 2019.

Katie got her artistic start in photography and branding design, following up a business degree with an art degree, and she still enjoys seeing how her past education influences her compositions and thought process still today. One thing lead to another, though, and when Katie needed her art to work alongside her most important gig – being a mother – she shifted into brand consultation for other creatives and picked up a paint brush – things she could do at night when her then-toddler was asleep.  To her surprise, she fell in love with mixed media and acrylic paint and never looked back!

Heading into 2021, Katie’s focus remains on growing Roaring Artist Gallery – and growing her daughter, Ana Gray, who she still homeschools. In between, she carves out time for her own art, exploring her world and her formative years with materials such as monoprinted acetate, pantyhose, and vintage pearls in addition to paint.

Pantyhose and Pearls 1, watercolor, pantyhose, cheesecloth, and vintage pearls on canvas, 8×10 in


Grappling 1, Acrylic, silk blend utility fabric, and antique hymnal pages, 5-ish x 12 in
Vortex 01, Silk Blend fabric, stiffened, painted, and sculpted, approx. 9×12 in canvas
Reminder, Silk Blend fabric, stiffened, painted, and sculpted, on 12×24 in painted canvas
Vortex 02, Silk Blend fabric, stiffened, painted, and sculpted, approx. 12×12 in canvas
Vortex 02 (side view), Silk Blend fabric, stiffened, painted, and sculpted, approx. 12×12 in canvas
Windows Fold Out, monoprinted acetate, see-through fold-out book
Windows, matted monoprinted acetate and maps, 5×7 in