Episode 35: Priyanka Parmanand: Painting At Night

Priyanka Parmanand shifted from seeing art as a hobby to creating both a teaching studio and her own professional art practice. I loved hearing about her background in business and how it does – and does NOT – inform her work. She spoke with such encouragement about resilience. Don’t give up, even when things are hard! 

What an encouraging and inspiring conversation! Priyanka pushed through self-doubt and continues to do so in her art practice. I especially resonated with how she fits it all in like so many other parent/teacher/artists by painting at night. This resilience and drive also comes up in the content of her work – she spoke about flowers as a metaphor for growth and hope.

Priyanka is a self-taught artist living in Issaquah, Washington. While growing up, she frequently captured the world around her in sketches and paintings that spanned across various art forms. Little did she know that she would ultimately pursue her passion as a profession. She finally answered her calling in 2008 and immersed herself in studying different art forms. This process solidified her liking for abstract form that gave her the freedom to reflect her thoughts and emotions which is not bound by the visual reality. 

Priyanka has carved out a unique abstract style that is bold and vibrant. Her art is full of exciting colors and textures which represents positive energy and spirit towards life. Her paintings are created mostly with palette knives and bare hands. She is a prolific artist in local exhibitions and loves being an art instructor in schools, local art galleries and senior centers. 

Priyanka is the founder of Crimson Canvas Arts, a company that mentors budding artists. She believes that every child is an artist in their own unique way. If given the right guidance and opportunity, they will discover their creative world and experience the joy of making art. In today’s busy world where art has taken a back seat, her goal is to provide children with ag e-appropriate skills to nurture their artistic experiences. She believes “Kids NEED Art” to be future creative thinkers and problem solvers!


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