Art Educators’ Lounge Community Meeting

We had a wonderful meeting on Saturday 11/21/20 to come together as art educators. In collaboration with Visionary Art Collective, we are expanding our support groups to continue seeking new ways of supporting artists who teach.

Participants shared some fantastic resources and ideas, which are listed and linked below.

  • Flipgrid – a great tool for encouraging students to engage by sharing videos
  • Padlet – another tool for sharing
  • Gamification ideas – discussed as a way to increase engagement
  • ClassRealm for gamification
  • Talking prompts – offer prompts to get students talking
  • Focus on SEL – prioritize Social & Emotional Learning over standards and academic goals right now
  • Emotion language – incorporate emotions into your language, so in critique, asking students how their work and process makes them feel.
  • Exit tickets as google forms – creating google forms for brief exit tickets for remote learning

We heard that the greatest need right now is community and we are working on continuing to offer many ways to connect.

Keep an eye out for our next meeting! We’ll announce it in our newsletter and on instagram, so sign up or follow us to stay in the loop.

How can we best support you? What do you need right now? Reach out and let us know!