Episode 15: Chris Brandt: Letting the Process Lead

It was so great talking with Chris Brandt about her winding path to teaching, her art-making, and TAB. I’ve mentioned before how I started attempting to shift to teaching for artistic behavior (or TAB) this year, so it was very helpful to hear about how Chris structures her curricula and sets up her classroom. 

Chris was generous with her time in recording a second time to talk about racism very honestly and with vulnerability. I really appreciate her openness and desire to continue improving how she works towards eliminating racism in her classroom and teaching.

I also loved hearing about her artwork and how she shifts back and forth between 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional media. Thank you, Chris!

Chris Brandt in the classroom with students

Christina (Chris) Brandt is a teaching artist at The Hockaday School in Dallas, Texas.  She graduated with a BFA in drawing and painting from The Ohio State University, and recently completed her master’s degree in Art Education from Texas Tech University.  

Chris still paints but has expanded her work into clay and metals as well.  Her recent sculptures are based on Aesop’s fables, depicting the animals as they learn human moral lessons.  

The ass’s laugh revealed him in the lion disguise…, 2019, Low fire clay, underglazes and stains

Chris teaches Pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, primer and fourth grade art as well as eighth grade ceramics and sculpture.  The Hockaday School is a PK-12 girls’ school that values the fine art.  Chris uses the Teaching for Artistic Behavior method in her early childhood art classroom.  The girls learn new art skills and methods while enjoying the freedom to create what they desire with the mediums they choose. 

Living in a suburb of Dallas, Chris is married and has three grown children and three rambunctious long-haired dachshunds.  

My Bunny, 2018,  Stoneware, underglaze, stains, reduction fired


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Vogue 2, Terra cotta clay and acrylic, detail of head
West Texas House, Hot glue, melted crayon and oil on canvas.
West Texas Chair, Hot glue, melted crayon and oil on canvas.