Episode 11: Chloe Alexander: Presence & Persistence

Speaking with Chloe Alexander was such a joy. She brings such positivity while keeping things very real and honest. She shared great advice for continuing to create art and push yourself forward. I also loved hearing about her work – both the physical processes with layers of drawing, print, and collage and the content with layers of meaning. I’ve probably mentioned here before that my background is in printmaking, so I just love talking with other printmakers! 

Chloe Alexander is a printmaker from Atlanta, Georgia. Her most recent work focuses on creating visual narratives by layering various printmaking techniques to create one-of-a-kind, mixed media drawings. Chloe obtained her BFA in Printmaking in 2010 and M.Ed in 2014, both from Georgia State University. In addition to her personal art practice, she works as a high school Drawing and Fashion Illustration & Design instructor. Chloe has exhibited work across Atlanta, the Southeast, and internationally, including Georgia State University, the Prism Art Fair during Miami Art Week, Print Austin, and Etch Ink Gallery at the Athens Printmaking Center in Athens, Greece. Most recently, Chloe was awarded a 2020-2022 residency with the Creative Project in Atlanta, Georgia.  

Chloe’s drive and persistence really struck me. She kept at it, adjusted and re-applied when she got rejected, sought out resources and made career shifts to support her art practice. That bit of encouragement she shared towards the end was also wonderful. Artists and art educators out there, keep making if it helps keep you sane and helps you process emotions. Take a break if that helps. We’re nearing the end of the school year here (I teach until mid-June) and I know next fall is very uncertain, but hang in there.

Chloe’s work is also so beautiful and full of meaning. The idea of engaging in the same thing while being disengaged with each other – ugh.  So apt. The imagery of the carrier pigeon sending a message out into the world really struck me as we all send our messages through the air right now. Go look at her work!


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